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The Art Of Shooting

Black Friday Clinic

Grab the early bird discount and increase your kid's shooting % overnight!

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Early Bird Special

Save $30

Boys & Girls
Ages 7 - 18

November 24
12 PM - 3 PM


Aspiring Champions

970 Pulaski Dr, King of Prussia, PA

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Sneak Peak At What Your Kid Is Going To Learn:
Natural Start Point

The point where you secure the ball, and begin raising it into the lift path.


That's when you bring the ball downward, before accessing the lift path of a shot.

Hip Load

The moment when you lower the hips as the ball starts to move up the lift path, right before the shooting process begins.

Flow Extension

That's when your knees, hips, and core reach a full extension as you're launching the ball.

Release Point

This is the final extension of the wrist, where the ball leaves your shooting hand.

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