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Bilal Benn

Former Professional Basketball Player and Master Skills Trainer..specializing in all Levels from Elementary School to the NBA.

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No Excuses Just Work

Basketball Training For All Levels and Skill Sets

Workhorse Academy believes that all athletes should strive to build their competitive edge and develop their own inner “workhorse!” Train for Success

About Me

Bilal Benn, former Pro Basketball Player and CEO of Workhorse Academy has been playing basketball for most of his life. Bilal developed a reputation for being a “gym-rat” and was often referred to as a “workhorse” due to his uncanny ability to focus and “lock-in” when learning and implementing difficult basketball skills.  Bilal has dedicated most of his life to basketball and master training.  Bilal played pro basketball in Lithuania, Israel, Portugal, Canada, Dominican Republic Tour and the NBA G-League in China.  He's currently one of Nike Basketball Camp's premier Trainers/Camp Directors. Bilal became a certified “I’m Possible Trainer” in 2012 and quickly realized that his unique style and skills could propel novice or professional athletes to the next level. Bilal's training resume includes current NBA Players and college players alike.  His professional and innovative training style combined with his work ethic has contributed to the success of every type of player performing at every level of the game.

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Workhorse Academy is committed to providing the highest quality of professional basketball training for youth and young adults seeking to unlock their full athletic potential. We teach skills in an unbiased, progressive and innovative manner. The “workhorse” approach allows us to isolate and break down each and every basketball skill to the most basic level providing accessibility and ensuring optimal athletic development.  





Workhorse Academy believes the best athletes possess a strong foundation in basketball fundamentals and are highly skilled in technique and footwork. We also believe the strongest athletes not only mature physically and athletically but also through the development and implementation of core values. We recognize that our youngest athletes need support on and off the court.  Support is crucial in social and academic areas such as education, stress, emotional management and execution of strong decision-making skills. We believe in the power and importance of working collaboratively with families, schools, and community resources in order to ensure our athletes are on the road to athletic and personal success.

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