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Hey there, fellow hoop enthusiasts!

I'm Bilal Benn, known as Coach B, and I'm not just your average coach – I'm a former Pro Basketball Player with a burning passion for helping Jewish youth elevate their game on the court.

The journey that led me to found Workhorse Academy in 2012 has been nothing short of exhilarating. With over a decade of experience in skill training basketball, I've earned my stripes as a true "gym rat" and a bona fide "workhorse." What's my secret? It's all about that unbreakable focus and the uncanny ability to immerse myself fully in learning and mastering even the trickiest basketball skills.

My college journey kicked off at Villanova University, under the watchful eye of the legendary Coach Jay Wright. Later, I proudly walked away from Niagara University armed with an M.A. in Criminal Justice – but my true classroom has always been the basketball court.

Before stepping into the shoes of a coach, I made my mark on the international basketball stage, playing professionally in Lithuania, Israel, Portugal, Canada, the Dominican Republic Tour, and even in the NBA G-League over in China. These experiences, combined with my current role as one of Nike Basketball Camp's premier Trainers/Camp Directors, have enriched my understanding of the game like nothing else.

In 2012, I earned my stripes as a certified I’m Possible Trainer, opening the door to a world where I could infuse my unique style and skills into the journeys of both budding athletes and seasoned pros. Through my innovative training techniques and unswerving work ethic, I've guided aspiring youth athletes to earn coveted spots in D1 Programs, nurtured the growth of college players, and witnessed firsthand the remarkable transformations of players at every level.

So, if you're a Jewish youth seeking to unlock your full potential on the court, you've found your home at Workhorse Academy. Join me on this incredible journey where we don't just chase dreams – we make them happen, one dribble at a time.

Let's get started,

- Coach Bilal


Personal access to Coach Bilal

Coach Bilal develops a personal relationship with each student, often going above and beyond to ensure your child's success.

Learn more than just skills

We teach self esteem & how to be young adults. There are NO EXCUSES & their time is coming when they put in the work!

We understand

Experience Coach Bilal's incredible personal journey, from humble beginnings to working alongside individuals who have reached the peak of success in the NBA. With firsthand knowledge, Bilal understands the exact requirements to reach those heights.


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Hand Placement

Mastering the art of shooting in basketball demands a deep understanding of hand placement. Workhorse Academy will train your child using specialized & focused techniques to make their shooting into true second nature



Balancing while shooting a basketball is crucial for accuracy and consistency. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, with your dominant foot slightly ahead. Bend your knees and maintain a slight forward lean. This stable stance helps ensure better control and a higher chance of making the shot. Practice will help you find the right balance that works for you.


Follow Through

A consistent follow-through improves shot accuracy and helps develop muscle memory over time. We will teach your kid how to use less movement while being more efficient on his or her shot.


Hakim Hart, Maryland /
Villanova University



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